Our Relationship with Teespring

In light of recent news articles and social media posts regarding some horrendous t-shirts and the fact there was at least one listing for similar products on teespring (our current fulfilment partner) we have, as a matter of urgency, kicked off an investigation into this and an evaluation of our position on using them as a supplier.

We absolutely back Teespring in the removal of the listings and the banning of the store(s) in question. We’re also aware that there were posts on social media that these listings had been reported about some time prior to the recent action. From what we can see these social media posts appear to reference an unrelated product listing, and are at least somewhat misleading in the context of these disgusting t-shirts that were seen at The Capitol.

Based upon our current findings and the latest information from Teespring we will continue to use them as a partner for the time being. We are however not halting our research into alternate suppliers and are continuing to monitor the situation closely. We are also in contact with Teespring around their enforcement of their own value based policies. We will not hesitate to take action if we feel it’s needed.

We hope it goes without saying that #shirtforce stands firmly against any form of discrimination and intolerance, and would like to reassure our customers and community that we are committed to ensuring our supplier relationships are of the highest ethical standards.

If you’d like to contact us regarding this, please do some via our Twitter (@ShirtforceOrg).