Announcing Shirtforce Ticket & Travel Grants

Well, slap me with a mouldy turnip and colour me flabbergasted… Shirtforce’s updated mission is here, and we’re bloomin’ excited about it.

TLDR; All our funds are now being used to help folk who need it to attend our amazing communities’ events… and we’re starting by opening applications for grants for three tickets and travel for London’s Calling 2024. There are of course a few T&Cs, but the gist is that we’re offering three tickets and up to £75 travel grant per ticket to folk who are currently not in paid employment and haven’t been to a paid-for conference before.

So if you know someone who fits the bill (could be you) and would benefit from attending London’s Calling 2024 on the 19th July then please fill in the form here. Applications for this round of grants closes on the 28th June.

The Longer Version

Well there’s not that much more to it really, other than that we’re going to be focusing our efforts around the world to make sure we cover as many cities as possible.