shirtforce was created as a community project, supplying (hopefully) humorous t-Shirt designs to for folk in the tech industry, primarily focused at those in the Salesforce ecosystem, and at the same time providing a way to donate money to good causes.

All t-shirts are created with a standard mark-up price on top of the price of material, printing and shipping, and all profits are donated to charities or fund-raising campaigns.

Our previous fundraising efforts have raised in excess of $8,000 and have helped organisations such as Pancreatic Cancer UK, the El Paso Shooting Victims Fund, Save the Children UK, and CAMFED.

Every three months we open up nominations for the next organisation to help, and a public poll decides on which one we end up donating all profits to.

At present we are using TeeSpring to handle the purchase/printing/delivery etc side of things, but if anyone knows of a great alternative then please contact us.