Q: I read it as shitforce, was the name a good idea?

A: We’re not sure if it’s a good idea, but we found it funny.


Q: Why TeeSpring?

A: Erm, basically this was one of the first platforms we came across. If you know of another (better) one then please let us know.


Q: How did you choose the charity?

A: We’re rotating where the profits from the sales go every 3-4 months, and we’ll use a poll to decide who gets the money next


Q: Can I submit a design?

A: Sure… I’m not saying we’ll proceed with any submitted designs, but if they’re good we’ll add them


Q: Why haven’t you got different tee-types (e.g. cheap, kid’s, women’s fit, colours etc)?

A: We probably just haven’t got round to adding them yet. If there’s a design you’re after in a style that isn’t available then just ask us.


Q: I want a hoodie/cup/mouse-mat instead, can I have one?

A: Erm… yeah maybe, if the demand is there we’ll do it.


Q: What are the delivery options?

A: Essentially whatever TeeSpring says


Q: What are your returns / security policies?

A: Whatever TeeSpring says


Q: The answer to my question isn’t here, how do I get an answer

A: Contact us via Twitter